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Elevate Your Business:
Operations Made Effortless with your Games Industry Operations Specialist!

Are you overwhelmed by the day-to-day operations of your business, longing to focus on your passion projects instead?


Are you needing an expert, diverse perspective on your company policies and strategies?  


Let Moxie Ops take the stress away with our people-first approach.



Day-to-Day Operations


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Strategy, Planning,
& Execution


Business strategy planning



Collaboration &
Partnership Outreach




Events & Employee

Pride Parade

Creative Spaces &



Modern Interior Design
Video Game


"I'm a dedicated, people-focused executive with a proven track record of shaping effective strategies for both local and global operations in the games sector.


I have over 16 years working within the games industry at 3 major AAA development studios, alongside their publishers and have project managed over 8 creative studio fit-outs of varying scope and budget. My expertise is centered on cultivating thriving studios characterized by growth and belonging, as well as designing high-end, engaging, and collaborative studio spaces and events.

My more recent roles as a strategic operations leader has served as a vital partner to leadership teams, where I align mission, vision, and values to foster sustainable and inclusive organizational cultures. My contributions extend to critical areas, including staff retention, learning and development, employee engagement and the implementation of Equity, Diversity, Belonging, and Inclusion (EDBI) initiatives.

My true passion lies in empowering individuals to reach their full potential, and I takes immense pride in my role as a woman in leadership. Leveraging my extensive experience and vast network, I am committed to driving effective, positive change for the games industry with strengths in relationship management and partnership outreach."

Non-paid commitments:

  • Women in Games Ambassador

  • Special Effect Ambassador

  • Ukie EDI Committee Member

  • LinkedIn
  • X
Rebecca Sampson

Emma Smith,

Hestia Talent Partners

"[Rebecca] is dedicated and thoughtful in all she does. She has strong operational vision and execution and does that without losing sight of her personal values."

Matthew Urban,

Escape Velocity Entertainment

"[Rebecca] was instrumental part of [the] global executive leadership team that brought new insights and forward thinking. As a pillar...she helped to grow the location to over 100 developers and ensured those within the organization had what they needed to be successful..."

Declan Cassidy, 

Into Games

“[Rebecca is] a principled leader with empathy, focus and approachability, everything you want in your executive team. A pleasure to work with.”

Kazimieras Mikelis,

Hangar 13

“Rebecca's leadership is not only timely and tactful but also progressive within the industry. Her approachable, trusting, and empowering values, coupled with her attention to both people and operations, have earned her deep respect within the team and in the broader game development community.”

Elevate. Empower. Excel.

Creating a Future Where

People and Operations Thrive

Whether you're an ambitious entrepreneur, a growing start-up or established company, our customised operations support is designed to fit seamlessly into your business journey.

🚀Let's Elevate Your Operations and Empower Your Business to Excel!

Say goodbye to operational overwhelm and hello to efficiency, growth, and success. 

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