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Emma Smith,
Hestia Talent Partners

"[Rebecca] is dedicated and thoughtful in all she does. She has strong operational vision and execution and does that without losing sight of her personal values. It has been a joy to watch her progress into the incredible leader she is today"

Matthew Urban,
Escape Velocity Entertainment

"[Rebecca] was instrumental part of [the] global executive leadership team that brought new insights and forward thinking. As a pillar...she helped to grow the location to over 100 developers and ensured those within the organization had what they needed to be successful..."

Declan Cassidy, 
Into Games

“[Rebecca is] a principled leader with empathy, focus and approachability, everything you want in your executive team. A pleasure to work with.”

Kazimieras Mikelis,
nDreams Elevations

“Rebecca's leadership is not only timely and tactful but also progressive within the industry. Her approachable, trusting, and empowering values, coupled with her attention to both people and operations, have earned her deep respect within the team and in the broader game development community.”

Geert De Cnodder,
Hangar 13

"Becky is a powerhouse in her own right. Extremely capable in her role. Championing causes she believes in. Motivating her team with events and an amazing amount of positive energy. But for me the most impressive part of working with her was the fact that she was approachable, compassionate and honest"

Brandon Cole, 
Into Games

"Knowledgeable, kind, proactive and deeply passionate - it is always a pleasure to work alongside Becky on many of our collaborative projects and events."

Kirstin Walsh, 
Studio Gobo

"[Rebecca] has collected a wealth of knowledge for studio operations, people management, as well as D&I. She has the ability to motivate and guide a studio through the toughest of times."

Julia Radulska, 
Hangar 13

"Becky made her mark by playing a pivotal role in the studio's transformation from a modest branch into an exceptional studio. She not only fostered a positive and nurturing work environment but consistently advocated for innovative approaches..."
Video Game
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